Saturday, April 9, 2011

Red Again!!!

I've always coloured my hair. It has been every colour in the natural world (and a few unworldy hues as well)! The colour I have settled on as my favourite, however, is red. Not just any red. . .but the richest, reddest, red of all reds! .....but commit to it, I will not. I get bored too easily. In fact, I was blonde when Otto was born 6 months ago. After his birth, I had tried to achieve my signature red, but with no luck. Why was the same red dye I used to use, turning my hair lilac? . . .and then black?? People told me postpartum hormones messed up my hair, and there was nothing I could do.

Well, this morning, I found an old, old box of Herbal Essence "Disco Inferno". After using hand selected dyes and specific developer volumes from the professional beauty shop for the past 6 months, I figured it would never work. Plus, it was so old, the developer must be defunct. . . .

Well, guess again!
My old red is back :)

My Hairs Through The Yairs ! !!
(...some better than others)

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