favourites to share.

a few choice favourites. i just don't think it's fair to keep these lil' gems under my hat, so here you go. completely random. .. so have at it!

Lucky Clover Trading Company
Great baskets & organizing supplies at unbelievable prices!

Holcomb Farm Logo

Holcomb Farm CSA, West Granby CT
I had a share in this CSA farm every year, for the past 5 years. My daughter grew up going to the farm on the weekends and helping me pick veggies. Their shares are limited, but if you can get in. . . do it! I opted out this year because we live too far away. But these are some of the most delicious veggies around. And talk about variety! It was thanks to Holcomb Farm that I fell in love with the likes of Tatsoi and Kohlrabi. Thanks Farmer Sam!

BabyOutfitter Baby Clothes

Baby Outfitter
Amazing used children's clothing. . . great quality at a steal! I've only bought maybe 1 new article of clothing for Otto, ever! Tots outgrow there stuff SO quickly. How wasteful it is to buy something new that will only be used for a month or two, before it is sent out to float around this earth. Be Eco-Smart and REDUCE by REUSING! 

Gear Trade
Great deals on outdoor gear, clothing and shoes for men, women & kids. Some is used stuff sold by third parties, but I believe this site is owned by backcountry.com, and serves as an outlet for customer returns that can't be sold as new. Search engine is kind of stinky, if you're looking for something specific. But if you have time to browse, you are sure to find a great bargain.

PaperBack Swap
A book trade website. You must be a member, but it is totally worth it! I'm always amazed at how extensive their database of available books is.