Sunday, December 30, 2012

33 for '13! (my project 333: phase 3)

Size 14 to Size 4 months!!
Since I have been somewhat remiss in my postings, I have a bit of catching up to do, for the record. In my last diet-related post, I had reported a weight loss of 19.6 pounds. (Boy, how out-dated that number is!) It's about five months later, and to date I have lost a total of 42.6 pounds! WOW! And while I am super pleased with my progress, I have 11 pounds to go to meet my initial weight loss goal.

(Incidentally, my goal weight was a somewhat arbitrary number that fell within my normal BMI range. Although, I have to admit that I have my doubts that I will be happy at that goal weight. I've never seen my body at this weight before, and I fear that much lighter will just be too skinny for me. But I'm not sure I want to give up before reaching the goal I set either. So, my plan is to hold steady my course, and just keep at it until my goal is reached. If I need to gain back any pounds, I'm sure that won't be a problem!)

During this period of weight loss, my Project 333 has been put completely on hold. With a steady drop in sizes, selecting a core 33 proved to be a nearly impossible challenge for me. I was trying to keep track of my wardrobe in my mind, and stick to a minimalist approach, but I'm afraid I did not do a very good job. You see, in all honesty it's pretty fun to buy clothes in the smallest size you've ever worn, and then dress up a body that is brand new to you. Initially, I was trying to thrift new pieces as my sizes were diminishing, since the clothing inside my armoire was nothing short of transient. But it hasn't always worked out that way. I'm afraid my emotions got the best of me, and I might have strayed from some of the P333 philosophies I truly endorse.

And so with a New Year right around the corner (and along with it, a spending moratorium in our house!)...the party's over and it's time to get my minimalist wardrobe back on track. Not to mention that my size fluctuation has just about tapered off. So it's the right time to crack down on my 33 for '13!

I have my preliminary list of those 33 items that will carry me through the first three months of 2013. Unfortunately, it is coming in at about 39 items, which means I need to shave off 6 things! Ugh! This is the truly difficult part. I'll be ironing that out over the next few days and will post my Project 333, Phase 3 list soon. I also have to reiterate what a lovely surprise it has been, having so many people check-in with me on my P333 status over the past few months. I'm always surprised at how genuinely interested people seem to be with this endeavor. This is a great project, with a strong message, and I appreciate the interest and support it generates.

. . . until 2013, everyone!