Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Project 333, Phase 3: The Rejects

What a slow, tedious process refining my final list has been! But I have put much thought into it, and I believe I am just about down to my final 33. I'm glad I took this time to rethink my items, and make a thoughtful selection that will support my main goals: achieving versatility and adding a bit of "pizzazz". I'm pulling together the final list for posting as I speak. But for now, the official "au revoir" to those items that made the cut. . .and then didn't make the cut:

Alasce Cardigan
(The North Face)
I ended up with too many cardigans.
While I like the length and warmth
this one offers, I think I can get the same perks
out of a couple others that are staying.

Cowlneck Sweater
Too warm! I can only wear this sweater
on super freezing days. Adore this
colour, but it just doesn't offer enough versatility.

Fitted Boyfriend Ruffle Shirt
I had two "Fitted Boyfriend" shirts
on my original list. I love them both,
but something HAD to go. I figured
this one might be too "wintery" given
the dark flannel plaid. In trying
to steer myself toward a "seasonless"
wardrobe, I chose the other (a blue check).

Drop Shoulder 3/4 Sleeve Sweater
(French Connection)
The 3/4 sleeves don't make the cut! I often
need to rely on my down vest when the down
coat is too much insulation.
I need to make sure my arms are toasty!
Also afraid this colour washes me out.

Mini Polka Dot Yoke Front Blouse
A birthday gift from me, to me! Love this
colour on me, but it just doesn't play well with
the rest of my wardrobe. Too much
of a lone wolf.

Black Silk Neck-Tie Blouse
Again, another blouse that doesn't
mesh well into the rest of my wardrobe.
Found I could only really get away
with this when worn with jeans.
Plus, with my blue-black hair, I don't
care too much for black tops.

Cowlneck Long Sleeve Tee
This shirt is just too big for me, to the
point of being frumpy. And as previously
stated, with dark tops, there's just
not enough contrast with my dark
hair color, and I tend to wash out.

Long Sleeve Puff Shoulder Tee
I found that I was only wearing this tee with
one thing. . .the grey jumper dress.
No room in my wardrobe for a
one-outfit-wonder. it must go!

Pure Body Long Sleeve Tee
I think I can accomplish what this
tee did for me, with a couple other
options. Basically, it was a duplicate

Wool Miniskirt with Front Kick Pleat
(Ann Taylor LOFT)
This skirt was quite big on me, which
made the elimination decision quite easy!

Plaid Trousers
(Banana Republic)
These were too conservative for my
new wardrobe mission. Not to mention,
they required ironing.

Matchstick Cords
Two words:  Too. Big.
Stefanie Clogs
These are so comfy, but I really only
wore them with one pair of pants.
And given how open they are,
they aren't exactly winter friendly.

Magenta Skinny Belt
This is such a darling belt, in a versatile, funky
pop of crazy color. But I couldn't
afford the luxury of it. I needed
to stick with workhorse accessories
that I could fully mix and match
into my wardrobe. This ended up
being somewhat limiting.