Thursday, April 7, 2011

hello (blog) world!

"I sup­pose the point of pub­lish­ing such a doc­u­ment is to
demon­strate the way in which 
the hours of a day can as satisfactorily
be filled with trivia as with impor­tant events."

I am starting feeling like a blog is mandatory these days. I am noticing that not only are more and more of my friends blogging, but I, myself, am gleaning more and more information from blogs. Huh. How about that! I have been outside of the technological loop this whole time!

Blogs are a curious thing to me.  They make me think about how technology is changing our culture. Through the internet, we now have at our fingertips a plethora of online social networks, podcasts, YouTube videos and yes. . .  blogs. We are becoming much more public with our personal lives. And those of us that participate in this online cultural revolution, are quite aware (call it self-conscious, if you will) of exactly how we project our personal lives. Yup. Admittedly, what we put forth for the world to see, is orchestrated. . .as it should be.

Long gone are the days of a diary with a lock and key, in which you scribble your deepest secrets? I doubt it! But as I embark on my first blog, I would like it to be rooted in honesty. A true chronicle of what is going on in my life. It will be an account of what I find interesting, and will be sparked from those things that are true to me...a genuine extension of me, suitable for public consumption.

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