Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I inherited my wedding band from my mother, who inherited it from my grandmother. It is quite a unique ring. I love it, in and of itself. I love it even more because it is a family heirloom. And I think I love it even more still, because of how it came into my possession.

Darren and I did not have a traditional wedding. Like many things in our life, it was rather unconventional. We eloped. To Wyoming. With him being an avid skiier, and me a snowboarder, the height of a killer ski season in Jackson Hole seemed like the perfect time and place to tie the knot. Before our wedding, I had not given much thought to what I would wear as a band. I just knew that flashy, simply was not me. I have never been a fan of sparkly jewelery, so diamonds were not even an option. As the date drew near, and I remained ringless, I was not in the least bit concerned. If I had no wedding ring at all, I would not be bothered. Whatever would happen, would happen.

Now understand that nobody knew about our plans to wed. Nobody! It was kept top secret, for a few reasons. . .mainly to keep things simple. My mother had been staying with us for a few days prior to our departure. She would be helping with Emma (12 years old at the time) while we were away. The morning before we were leaving for Wyoming, my mother approached me in the kitchen. She looked me square in the eyes and said that she didn't know why this was happening, but she had to give me my grandmother's wedding ring. I was stunned. She had worn this band along with her own grandmother's wedding band for years, but now here it was in my own hands! She told me that my grandmother had come to her in a dream the night before, and told her to give this wedding band to me. How about that?! This story still gives me goosebumps every time I tell it. And the rest is history...

I imagine this ring is at least 100 years old. Stamped only "14K" on the inside, it is mostly white gold, with a yellow gold edging, and the most darling star engraving trailing it's way around the entire ring. I've done a bit of research to try to track down information on the history of the style or this particular design. I haven't found much of anything. But it really doesn't matter. This ring has it's own history, and it is a history that I am a part of. I can remember, as a young girl, my grandmother wearing this band. She is standing at her kitchen counter, chopping onions for my tuna fish sandwich -- which is how I always used to eat them. She has a hanky tucked up the sleeve of her beige cardigan sweater -- that is where she always used to keep them. I get many compliments on my ring. It is very special afterall. But more importantly, I get many flashbacks from time to time, upon glancing at my hand. Little snipits of my life, a lifetime ago. This ring is a living piece of my personal history and my family's heritage. And it sits right here on my very own finger!