Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Project 333. . . perhaps?

I have been mulling this over for awhile, and finally have decided to take the plunge and begin my own journey with Project 333. At the very surface, Project 333 is an exercise in minimizing your closet:

"A small collection of 33 items, including clothing, outerwear, shoes, accessories & jewelry, built for use during a 3 month period."

The brainchild of Courtney Carver, the Project has gained quite the following. I heard about it from (and was inspired by) my friend Beverly. I would read her Facebook posts about this "P333 thing" and how it was transforming her life. Then one morning, as I was trying to get ready for work, I sat peering inside my closet for the longest time. I was befuzzled! I have hanger after hanger after hanger of garments, yet I couldn't find a single thing to wear. Forty five minutes went by, and I finally settled on a pair of black pants, and a black 3/4 sleeve shirt. (Wow! How creative!) I was so frustrated that it had taken me so long to get dressed that day, that I almost missed my bus into work! And then I remembered Beverly's P333. Ah, yes. Project 333.

My goal with this project, to summarize with one word, is to simplify.

Beyond that, I want to streamline my morning routine. . .oh, and my life too. Seriously, I don't want to hem and haw on Sunday evening because I have to iron this and that and that and this for the week. And I don't want  to even have to *think* about what I'm going to put on my body when I roll out of bed in the morning. I don't want to be wasteful anymore. I want to use all of the things that I have. Period.

I am excited as I embark on this experience. I have set a start date of 05.01 for myself. I realized only after setting that date, that my Project 333 will straddle a summer beach vacation. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to work that into my 33 items, but I'm figuring out. Now it is time to set the wheels in motion. I need to begin purging my closets and drawers. If it is ill-fitting, or the wrong colour, or the wrong cut, or if I just don't like it, it has to go. This "cleaning house" needs to happen before I can sit down and really try to orchestrate my magical 33 -- those 33 lil' things that will carry me through 3 months.

To learn more about Project 333, be sure to visit the website:
Project 333 | experiments in living with less

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