Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Perfect Bag (for me)

I believe I have found the perfect bag. For me, that is. 

I've had this bag for about six months, so I've been able to take it for a good test spin. It is the KEEN Irving bag (check it out here!)! Made of 100% reclaimed shopping bags and rice bags. (There is even an inside "pocket" that is made out of a hunk of water bottle!) Not only super Eco-Friendly, this commuter bag is sturdy and large, with enough compartments to keep the contents all in order. Hallelujah! Who isn't tired of giant bags with one large compartment in which your stuff just mixes, mingles and flops around? Without fail, this bag neatly transports everything I need for a day at the office. . . and the bus ride there and back!

Now, the colours may seem garish. And they are. But I had no choice. Because these bags are made from repurposed shopping bags, when purchasing online, you never know what you're going to get. And pink is one of my least favourite colours. But I can't tell you how many compliments I get on this bag. And the colour is growing on me. Sort of.
Don't get me wrong. This thing is big. I don't know how many times, I've had to excuse my bag, when walking in crowds. But I've gotten used to the gianormous size. Sort of. This has become the only bag I carry. I am able to multi-purpose it as my diaper bag. When taking Otto out for a jaunt, out comes laptop and papers, and in goes diapers and bottles. The many compartments are actually quite perfect for serving this purpose. Pockets that hold my Kindle during the week, are holding Otto's favourite rattle, Eloise, on the weekend!

So you may be asking yourself. . .  Linda, what's in your Irving right now? Well, the current contents are: laptop & sleeve, Nalgene bottle, commuter coffee mug, two stainless steel lunch tins, umbrella, grapefruit, project knitting bag, wallet, 2 scissors, bus pass, 3 pens, 2 notebooks, roll of drawings, Kindle, crossword book, sunglasses, iPhone, hand lotion and Burt's Bees chapstick.

As the start of my Project 333 draws near, I am seriously considering the 33 items that will accompany me. And after a good 6 month trial period, I am certain that *this* will be my one, my only . .. .my bag for the long haul! :)

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