Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Like Birds!

In the words of the great Eels. . . "I Like Birds"!

I really, truly do. Not sure what it is about them. I got my first Sibley's about three years ago, and I would just thumb through the pages, looking at the photos and reading about these lil' creatures. I was hooked. And then.. . I went on my first organized bird walk with the Audubon, and I was REALLY hooked. Birdwatching is truly an art. I loved seeing how the old-timers would scan the landscape for birds, standing super still and quiet so they could listen for calls. Now that i think about it . . . I think I like watching the birdwatchers.

I remember my first bird walk. We had paused where the woods opened up to a pond (Great Pond in Simsbury, Connecticut, to be exact). A veteran was standing quietly next to me, scanning the scene. He said he saw something across the pond, that looked just a bit "off". . ."off" enough to get the scope on it. That day, I saw my first Osprey, in the scope! I was amazed. Shortly after, I also saw my first Grackle in the scope. And as far as I was concerned, that was the most sparkliest bird I ever saw. The old timers politely explained that a Grackle was no great shakes; barely a step up from a Crow. I didn't care, that was the prettiest dang bird I ever saw.

And to this day, even knowing what I know about a lot of birds in this world. . . the Grackle is still my favourite bird.

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