Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Project 333, Phase 1: The List (Redux)

I am about a week shy of completing my second month of Project 333. And in a few short days, I will be embarking on a week long beach vacation. As originally planned when I first committed to Project 333, I will be taking along a small ancillary "vacation wardrobe", consisting of about six items. That's right. . . a week's vacation on six items! I do believe this project HAS changed me!

When my summer vacation starts, I am going to take the opportunity to swap out a handful of my core thirty-three items. The swap is mainly due to the seasonal changes here in Connecticut, but if I were to analyze deeper, I would probably say it is a result of poor planning on my part. (See my blog, Project 333: Phase 1 (Redux), to read more about my decision to swap.)

So, without further adieu, I would like to present the changes to my thirty-three. . .
First, a "Hello" to my lovely new additions, carefully selected for their fit, comfort and versatility:

Summertime Tank
Super light and summery, this tank
is made of organic cotton/hemp. Love the versatility!
It can be paired on it's own with a pair of jeans,
or with a tee underneath, it suits up with a nice pair
of pants for a day at the office!

Frescoe Sleveless Tee
(Outdoor Research)
OK, besides this fantastic colour, and eco-responsible
materials (recycled polyester/organic cotton),
the big draw for me, was this shirt's moisture wicking ability.
This can definitely be worn on the trail....
or with a cardi thrown over, why not to the office??

Bandha Tank
Made of a super soft fabric that is wicking and quick drying.
Another multi-functioning piece that will work as well
during the week, as it will on the weekend.

Kaley Tank
Cool and comfy. This might end up being
more of a weekend piece, I imagine, but I couldn't resist!
I think I brought this one along for those *HOT* summer days
working in the garden or strolling Otto around town!

Noble Shorts
(The North Face)
What made me think I could get through summer
without a single pair of shorts??! I've decided I need ONE pair.
Just one.
I will get along just fine with one pair of shorts, the denim skirt and
the summer dresses. These chosen ones are lightweight, with
a bit of stretch. . .and they are SPF 50!

And finally, a "Goodbye" to a few choices that served me well in the beginning, but are just not working for me, now that the season is wearing on:

I am feeling much more confident moving forward for the remainder of my Project 333, Phase 1. I don't know if this massive swap can solely be chalked up to poor planning on my part, but I do know that I can now survive the long summer days ahead, in style and more cool comfort.


  1. Vacation with six pieces - Linda, you are my idol. Seriously. I know for me, when I spend the weekend at my Dad's cottage, I am in a bathing suit the majority of the time, so that makes it easier.

    Wait, do you have a bathing suit included in your 33, or is that considered an exempt piece, like bras & undies??

  2. Ahhhh....good question! You are learning well. :)

    I actually asked about swimsuits, and they don't count, under the "workout wear" provision. Phew!