Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Kitchen Garden: Photo Journal

Summer is in full swing here in Connecticut, and so is our Kitchen Garden! We were actually away on vacation last week, and when we came home, I was surprised at how much the garden grew up and out, and all over the place. It's amazing what a full-sun spot in your yard, lots of water, a bit of affection and a touch of humidity can do.

Since I have been remiss in posting updates on our garden's status, I will provide a mini photo journal to chronicle the garden's progress from the last time I posted on it, back in mid June, right up to today. . . enjoy!

Lemon Balm tends to be an invasive creeper.
We planted ours in a buried pot to help keep it in check.
The plant really took off right away, and looks great.
I plan to steep the leaves and make a lemony iced tea.

Street view of the garden in it's early stages.
Looking orderly and quite nice.
Plenty of zucchini plants right up front, which
will grow quite large, providing a nice screen to the street.

Red Radishes popping up their little green heads!
Started with seeds, these were a later addition
planted to fill up some vacant space in the
perennial herb garden. And besides...
who doesn't love red radishes??

The fragrance of this Curry Plant is rich,
and very similar to cooking curry. However,
it was disappointing to find out this herb
is not edible. 

One of the first flowers on the Pole Bean Plant.
The Pole Beans seemed to lag behind the Bush Beans a bit.

The Bush Bean plants produced babies around the same time
the first flower showed up on the Pole Bean Plants.

First Tomatoes to show up. . . Japanese Black Trifele.
I've never tasted one of these, and I can not wait for them
to be ready!

A teeny tiny Baby Pole Bean on the vine.
(And one that did not make it, lays shriveled nearby.)

Otto fast asleep, while the bumble bee
is hard at work pollinating our garden. 

Our very first harvest: a kale leaf and three string beans 

More tomatoes now coming in, full force.
These are the Pineapple Beefsteak. As the name
implies, these are a sweet, heirloom variety. I am excited
to try this in a salsa, prepared with our own tomatillos!
(Which, incidentally, is producing tons of husks! No photos
at this time, but my fingers are crossed that the fruit will start
growing within all those paper husks very soon.)

Our first sign of a cucumber showed up yesterday.
Awww...isn't it just darling?!

The Nasturtium took a long time to bloom,
but finally blossomed with a vibrant poppy colour

And **SURPRISE**!!
About three Zucchini showed up out of nowhere today!
Hard to believe that yesterday, there was only a blossom
where the shiny new fruit now reside.

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