Friday, July 22, 2011

The Kitchen Makeover: Phase 1

Well, we started another project in our house.
. . . or should I say "I" started another project in our house?

The kitchen's 1950's charm was beginning to fade for me. And fade fast. And, probably more importantly, it was increasingly more evident that our kitchen was the farthest from baby-safe/baby-proof that you could possibly get. So, a makeover of the kitchen seemed completely justified.

"Hmmm.. . . since we'll be taking down the kitchen's peach and green floral wallpaper, why not take down the wallpaper going down the hallway too? And we might as well just pull down the paper in the bathroom while we're at it!"  And so it began. A tiny task of baby-proofing the kitchen has turned into a full on, three-room makeover.

I'm pretty sure the members of my family are less than thrilled with me. Some less thrilled than others. (Hi, Honey!!!) After all, we have a lot going on right now. In addition to planning Emma's 14th birthday bash for next weekend, we are also in the throws of negotiations for a new car to replace my 10 year old Saturn. And let's not forget everyone's favourite 10-month-old. Mr. Otto Riot is certainly living up to his name these days! Mobile beyond belief, he is crawling, scooting, creeping and getting his little hands into everything and anything! The boy can hardly be contained.

I mean really, what better time to tear apart the house?

I know this project will go by quickly, and in the end, we will all be happy for the change. We are doing it in small phases so the tasks are more manageable (in case you hadn't noticed, I am quite the fan of phasing a project). But in the meantime, we are all . . .well, we are all suffering. So I don't know that I will be photographing the project's progress. I do believe I will be satisfied to record these improvements via simple "Before" and "After" photographs. So for now, this one is Top Secret!

I CAN tell you this. The new kitchen wall colour is a lovely "Ripe Pear" above a white chair rail, with a little number they like to call "Little Sprout" below. As I am sitting here at the kitchen table, basking in the glow of Coat #1, I am totally thrilled with "Ripe Pear"! It is a muted, soft lime colour. Bright, yet smooth at the same time. Not jarring, but not too dingy either. Quite perfect! However, "Little Sprout". . . is leaving something to be desired. I am afraid it's pale green has too much blue in it, and it is not pairing well with it's yellow-hued counterpart.

It is getting late, and I will be turning in as soon as I post this. Tomorrow is a new day, and with fresh eyes I will look upon these walls. I am hoping the two colours will make peace over the night and I will awake to a harmonious pairing that will require NO alterations, modifications or "do-overs". For if I even start moving in that direction, I truly fear what my family would do to me. (Hi, Honey!!!)

So Goodnight paintbrushes. Goodnight rollers. Goodnight dropcloths. Goodnight tape.  Goodnight walls.

Until tomorrow.

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