Monday, May 16, 2011

Project 333: Day 6

Almost one week through the project!!! All is going pretty well, although I seem to be having a mental block when it comes to wearing "work" clothes on the weekend and vice-versa. One goal of mine with this project is to break down my differentiation between "work" and "play" clothes, and have all pieces I use be truly versatile. There really is no reason this can't happen, and any stumbling blocks are purely mental on my part. It's only week one, and I shall continue to work on this throughout the project.

Today, I woke up to a rainy, chilly Monday. A quick check of my Weather Channel App confirmed rain and possibly thundershowers throughout the day, with and a high of 65. Well how about that?!

Otto & Me: Day 6
(photo courtesy of Emma)
If you've seen my List of 33 Items, you may have noticed that I didn't bring along black pants for the ride. Am I out of my mind??! Black pants are usually such a staple for me, that to leave them behind was a risky move. But I figured as my Phase 1 enters the summer months, I wouldn't get much wear out of them.

So this morning, in an effort to keep my legs dry and toasty, I decided to pair the black capris with black knee socks and the Viardots. I threw the grey tee on top with the black jacket and I was done. What a great success! I actually really like the look of the capris paired up with a true sock. Cute and a lil' funky. Of course the goldenrod shoes might also have something to do with that...

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