Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am an organizing freak!

It's true. I like things organized. Just ask Emma. She's heard me mutter "A place for everything, everything in it's place", more times than you can shake a stick at. Probably not a favourite quip for 13 year old ears. But I have to say, although my intentions are true, my house (and life) are not nearly as organized as I'd like. But I'm getting there.

Some organizational relief!
My studio area of the office finally has
ample storage for art supplies, CDs and even fabric.
This may have something to do with my urge to document every outfit I don, during my Project 333. I'm just starting Week 2, so I think it's completely feasible to go back and actually implement this idea. Don't laugh, but my vision is to track the outfits in a spreadsheet! Just imagine it: each wardrobe piece listed in columns along the top, and the days running in rows along the side. I can simply check off what I've worn for the day, and I'm done. I do love me a good matrix!

Just what is the point of all this, you may be asking. Well, when all is said and done, I'll have an accurate tally of which pieces I have used the most throughout the project . . . which ultimately could prove to be invaluable information as I plan for future Phases.


  1. Have you tried using Daytum ( When I did phase 1, I took a daily picture, and for the first month or so tried to compile the information into Daytum. I gave up Daytum, but I think it's a cool site!!

  2. I really loved your daily photos! I wish I could document similarly, but alas, time will not permit. (Incidentally, did you take your own photos with timer/tripod, or did you have an assistant?) Daytum sounds interesting...will definitely check it out.