Monday, May 23, 2011


17 hangers & 17 garments
currently hang in my closet
This weekend, I ironed everything in my closet in under 15 minutes, while Otto played in his crib. This is huge for me! What a great feeling to be the owner of a closet that is so manageable. And with an 8 month old on the loose in our house, I really can't afford anything less than "simple & easy" from my closet.

Since my Project 333 reform, I can now take a quick peek inside and tell exactly which pieces are absent. That is because there are only 17 hangers hanging in my closet; a hanger for each garment and nothing more. So today when I saw one hanger dangling empty, I remembered....ah, yes, the navy cardigan is hanging to dry in the basement. Prior to P333, this would have been nearly impossible.

What a wonderful number!

These are the hangers
that were purged from
my closet!

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