Monday, November 14, 2011

Project 333, Phase 2: Finally! Project 333, Phase 2 list is ready! While my Phase 2 went into effect for me on October 24th, the itemized blog list is finally complete and ready for posting. (If you are not familiar with Project 333, take a look at "Project 333 Perhaps", which outlines the project).

There were three main goals I wanted to achieve with my Phase 2 wardrobe:

1. Create a "no-iron"wardrobe.
2. Select items that will allow me to express my true "Linda Style".
3. Wear more of my items more often.

Overall, I give myself an A- for achieving these goals:

1. With regards to ironing...I have done the math, and my wardrobe is 99.67% iron-free! Basically everything, with the exception of the Wide-Leg Anthropologie Khakis, is iron-free. I considered dropping the khakis for this reason, but really,they are quite perfect! And so they stay. In my effort to eliminate the chore of ironing, I have discovered that my striped dress shirt can simply be shaken a few times right out of the washer and hung to dry. Who knew? So I am feeling ahead of the game.

2. With regards to self-expression...I definitely have kicked things up a notch. While I am still not on target for what my signature style has historically been over the years, I am getting closer (perhaps as close as I want to be at nearly forty years old!) When I review my selections, I find that the pieces remain classic and somewhat traditional (as they did in Phase 1), which is a far cry from the "Linda Style". However, the manner in which I have been putting these pieces together, is more playful, and *THAT* is bringing this grouping up to par. Bottom line: I'm loosening up a bit and starting to have fun with the Project, and it shows!

3. With regards to utilization...I suppose that remains to be seen. I have only been living with this wardrobe for a few weeks now, so I still don't quite have a handle on the utilization. I guess time will tell.

Instead of closing this phase in 3 months on January 24th, I have decided to let this wardrobe take me through the entire winter! I am confident that I have planned sufficiently. And with a premeditated switch-out for my winter coat when the weather turns harsh, I'm very confident this 33 will serve me well through a New England winter.

And so, without further adieu, I present my Phase 2 List:

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