Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snow, Clothes & Baby Mayhem

I am sorely remiss in posting my Project 333, Phase 2 list. Although, I am happy to say. . . the venture is well underway! However, we have had quite a bit of hub-bub here in Connecticut as of late, with a very early, very destructive snow storm which seems to have thrown a wrench in many a-works. Additionally, I am contending with the general havoc of our household, thanks to one Mr. Otto Riot. He is fourteen months old now, and strategically poised to destroy. Need I say more?

So, the 33 is working well for me thus far. I would love to see this wardrobe carry me through the duration of the winter. I devised it as such, and really believe it might just make it. But I will have to revisit and rethink this notion, as we enter the down and dirty winter months.

More on my Phase 2 list to be posted soon.

Very soon!

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