Saturday, December 17, 2011

iPad ...finally!

My husband and I have birthdays that are two days apart; December 5 and December 3, respectively. This year we agreed, since Christmas is right around the birthday presents! So, you can imagine my surprise when on the eve of my birthday, I turned on my heels to head out of the kitchen, only to see Otto in Darren's arms, coming toward me holding the most distinctive of all packages. I knew immediately what it was.

I mean, who else could set hearts racing with the sheer simplicity of a stark white box? With the promise of some of the most titillating technology inside, Apple has cornered the market on Sexy Tech. Sure, I had hinted*. But did he really? Could he have actually?

He did!

An iPad. And not just any iPad. But the top of the line, 3G model with a 64 Gig memory, in white, of course. He even engraved it with a message that made my eyes tear. It couldn't be more perfect!

And so I have had my handy little surprise gift for 15 days now. It is almost fully integrated into my daily routine. I take the iPad to meetings with me, instead of a notepad. I do my monthly budget on the iPad, instead of on the laptop. I cook from recipes on the iPad, instead of out of a cookbook. It doesn't leave my side. Indespensible. I am very intrigued at how this device is actually changing how I live and how I work. But even moreso, as time goes on and I discover more apps, I am curious to see how else this little 7"x10" wonder, will work it's way even further into my life...and my heart!

* Truth be told, I did a little more than hint. Just a little.

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