Monday, December 26, 2011

1970's Bathroom Makeover!

I love "before" and "after" photos. So I could just kick myself for not taking adequate photos, prior to starting our bathroom makeover this past fall. Sure I have a few pictures, but they were taken after the wallpaper had been taken down. And trust me, if only you could have seen that peeling, yellowing paper, with the giant brush strokes stamped all over it, in a muted terracotta, gold and teal . . .your jaw would have dropped open in amazement!

We did not have the budget to change out our toilet fixtures, and so our original almond coloured toilet, sink and tub would have to remain. We worked around what we had, with the goal of creating a modern and serene space.

The new colour, a steel blue, is light and airy, but still grounded and calm. Perfect! A few black accents (including no-paint artwork* I made myself) would add the modern edge I was looking for.

And for an unexpected wow! factor, we said "goodbye" to the window shutters and "hello" to a large-scale floral valance, in a bright pop of orange!

* I stumbled upon a fabulous idea for no-paint art work on the Make Under My Life blog. I knew right away, I wanted to use this technique for the artwork in my new bathroom. So easy! Over a primed blank canvas, you simply wrap black twine, on which some dimensional fabric element (I used sheer black ribbon) is threaded. Voila!


  1. Great idea on the no-paint artwork. I adore it!


  2. Major upgrade! I love the new choice of wallcolor and the addition of the DIY artwork.