Saturday, March 2, 2013

Valeodida, it is!

I am still cleansing. Candida cleansing. It has been eights weeks since I have eaten grains, dairy, carbohydrates, sugar (including honey, agave, etc.) and fruit*. While I have reason to believe my body is on the mend and has, for the most part, eradicated itself of the candida overgrowth, I am continuing (and adapting) this way of eating for the long term.

My way of eating doesn't have a name, which makes things kind of difficult. I've adopted pieces from various diet philosophies to create an amalgam that works for me. I have dubbed this eating style. . Valeodida!

V (for Vegetarian) - I've always been vegetarian. Historically, I have eaten lacto-ovo (consuming dairy products and eggs, but no meat or fish). I have now dropped the dairy, but eat eggs as a primary source for protein. (Almost a vegan -- except for the pretty boots, and buttery soft car seats.)

ALEO (for Paleo) - More and more people are eating a Paleolithic diet, which consists mainly of fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots and nuts. If you haven't heard about this eating philosophy, it is based around eating as our Paleolithic ancestors would have, a million years ago (this is a.k.a. the Caveman diet). Assuming our bodies were designed to eat in such a manner, it is seen as a more natural way to go. Paleos exclude grains, legumes, dairy, potatoes, salt, sugar and processed oils. I am very close to this, except I am a bit more stringent in that I don't partake in fish, meat, fruit or fungi (due to the candida link).

DIDA (for Candida) - Don't feed the yeast!!! As I've written about before -- Candida Cleanse diet removes carbs and sugars from the system, so excess yeast don't have anything to feed on. It is in this third prong, that I lose my fruit, due to the sugar content. Candida cleanse also allows for meat/fish, as does Paleo. But of course, the vegetarian in me won't have any of this, so again, my way of eating ends up being a bit more restrictive.

I am meeting with my naturopath next week, to fine-tune a healthy eating plan that will support this framework I've established. I am pretty certain I will stick to my guns on much of this. Especially after trying to reintroduce ancient grains around week four (I felt very sick and started the detox process all over again). I'll be keeping the grains and grain-like seeds (like quinoa, millet) out. As for sugars. . who needs those??? I have adapted quite nicely to my new philosophies on food. It was not at all as difficult of a change as one might imagine, once I committed to doing what's right for my body. Based on all the research I've done, I have outlined for myself the healthiest and most natural diet I could possibly fathom. And for the record, you heard it here first. . . VALEODIDA!

*Note: there are several exceptions to these rules. For example. . .I am allowed the high-fiber fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, raspberries. I am allowed goat cheese and plain yogurt. Stevia is the only allowed sweetener. These exceptions are taken from the Candida Cleanse rule book, based on how the body processes sugar, the carb conversion, glycemic index, and a bunch of other stuff that is rather complicated. Oh, and over the past two months there have been a couple cheats: approx. 4 TBS of raw honey, 6 dried cranberries and half of a dried pineapple ring have been consumed. There. Confessions do feel good.

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