Sunday, March 31, 2013

Swedish Designers & . ... What's After P333?

Ever since I stumbled upon the amazing Swedish designer, Ewa i. Walla, I have been totally obsessing. By now, I think I have the entire Spring/Summer 2013 line memorized (and the prices too. . OUCH!). Her line of clothing is inspired by 18th century Swedish farm culture. The vibe is ethereal and dreamy . . .and, at times, extreme fairy tale. Ewa creates the unexpected and extraordinary, simply by using ordinary, natural mediums (cotton, linen, silk, wool, organdy) adorned in traditional methods, such as hand embroidery, ruffle work and lace tatting. Ewa i. Walla clothing is so steeped in old European tradition, which in itself is unique. This is why her designs exude a sense of antiquity, while somehow achieving a modern edge, all at the same time.

Admittedly, full-on Ewa can be over-the-top. But I think in small doses, these pieces can mesh nicely, and add a bit of spark, to my current day-to-day wardrobe. Besides, I can only afford a few select pieces, and so I've started with some basics to build off, per suggestions from Ewa i. Walla's UK agents. You see, what makes this even trickier than just navigating the price point, is that you can't buy her clothing in the States, so there is no way for me to try on any of these pieces or even see them in person. And so I'm left to work closely with the UK agents, who have been more than willing to help. (If you ask me, since Ewa i. Walla garners such a cult following, the seasoned "Ewa Kids" sincerely enjoy helping the new fledglings find their Ewa wings; a mentorship of sorts, in an almost secret club.)

And now, what makes this all even MORE trickier, is that once my current Phase 3 of Project 333 concludes next week, I will begin transitioning into a new capsule wardrobe project. This time, I will be living with only 52 items (which includes outerwear, accessories, shoes) for an entire year! This is an idea my friend Bev had mentioned awhile back. I was immediately on board. I don't have a definitive start date for this new Project 5212, but I am aiming for mid-May. As you might imagine, I am in a planning frenzy right now trying to figure out how to make this all work, and how my new Ewa i. Walla pieces will play with the rest of my year-long wardrobe. Truth be told, her clothing will undoubtedly lend themselves perfectly to this new project, since it is all designed to be worn in layers and to be worn in a variety of ways. 

But enough of that. For now, just take a peek at some of the otherworldly designs of Ewa i. Walla. .  ..


” The feel of fabric is everything to me.   The tactile experience is what inspires me. My clothes are nothing but perception…”
- Swedish clothing designer 

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