Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tacky Tacking! ! !!!

I have had my heart set on the J.Crew Hacking Herringbone Jacket since I first laid eyes on it a little over a month ago. It took me awhile to find out about this beauty (due to my P333 moratorium on shopping as of late), but when I did finally crack open a catalog, I was in love. Oh how I adored the vibrant flame colour! But it cost a month's allowance, so I tucked it to the back of my mind, and moved on.

Truth be told, the following week I found myself inside my local J.Crew store, trying on the sucker! And let me just say, I couldn't have been more satisfied with the fit. The saleswoman and I had such a nice chat about this piece. She owned it in the vibrant flame, but agreed that if this was an investment piece, I should opt for a more versatile colour. So my mind settled on the classic charcoal, and I walked out of the store empty handed. This jacket does cost a month's allowance, after all.

But this blog entry is not entirely about my beloved Hacking Jacket. It is about something I have witnessed across the breadth of the internet recently; something I have seen for myself in real life, too many times. It is about a pet peeve.

You see, I tend to over-research everything. Everything. And so, in my pursuit to find out all I could about the Hacking Jacket, I began to peruse blogs for reviews and tidbits from those that own it. Here is what I found: besides the fact that everyone who owns it absolutely loves it, in every single blog I came across with a photo of the blogger donning this jacket, the tacking stitch is still in tact on the back vent!

Epic Fail! (for obvious reasons,
this bloggers identity shall remain
Oh the horror! This has always been a pet peeve of mine, and I had been accustomed to seeing unknowing men walking around in such a fashion. But to see just as many unknowing women making the same mistake, has taken me aback. People, please! Remove your tacking stitch prior to wearing a garment. This little "X" stitch will pop up on the vents and pleats at the back of jackets and skirts. It is a temporary stitch, intended to keep the fabric flat and laying nicely, until ready to be worn.

In a week or two, when I finally drive myself down to J.Crew with my months' allowance in hand, I can assure you this: before I slip that lovely jacket over my SmartWool Dazzle Dot Hoody, maybe even before I snip the store tags from the sleeve, I will dutifully remove that tacky little tacking stitch from the back vent!

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  1. Please buy the blazer in the flame color. Charcoal just wouldn't be the same. For a months allowance, it should be something you truly love. Buy the flame.