Friday, September 30, 2011

Project 333, Phase 2: Status Update

The next phase of Project 333 is set to start October 1, which is tomorrow. I think it's safe to say that I will be a bit off schedule, yet again. I haven't quite gotten my act together. . .although lists have been made and planning is in full force. Realistically, I am shooting for a start date of October 15.

As I posted earlier, one of my goals in this phase is to create a completely "No-Iron" wardrobe. What a dream, this would be! While this has posed quite a challenge, I am happy to say I am very close to meeting this criteria. There is, however, one particular article, that I am on the fence about. It will require ironing, lest it’ll appear frumpy and disheveled, but I still think I want to include it. Needless to say, I've done my math, and if I do decide to include it, then I will have created a wardrobe that is "99.97% No-Iron". I think I can live with that. (Although, maybe someone should check my math.)

Also new to my sophomore round of P333, is a completely revamped mentality. One that is more forgiving, and less regimented. Basically, I am going easier on myself. I have come to understand that this is an experiment in minimizing and simplifying your life, through the implementation of boundaries. It is not intended to make you suffer.

And so, to reduce any and all potential suffering and stress, I am making a few changes to my ground rules. First off, I am planning a pre-meditated coat switch. I will use my wool Paddington coat, until winter really bears down on us. At that time I will break out my North Face Triple C full length down coat (or the "horse blanket", as I affectionately refer to it).

Secondly, I have decided to add some pep to my dressing experience. So I will also give myself a little extra wiggle room, allowing for one belt and one pair of earrings. . items I did not carry in my last phase. While I will count my shoes, sunglasses, bag, scarves, mittens and hats in true P333 fashion, I will not count these two "free" items. I mean really, how much complication can one little belt, and two dangly earrings really cause?

Over the next week or so, I will be refining and finalizing my items. Be on the look-out. In the very near future I will be posting my final Phase 2 list (a.k.a. Phase 2: 33+2, the Rule-Breaker edition)!

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