Wednesday, October 19, 2011

favicon. . .shmavicon!

I noticed a new option in the template design of my blogger today. . . .a favicon! After a quick consult of Wikipedia, I learned that a favicon is the mini icon that appears to the left of a web browser's address bar. I immediately decided that this would greatly improve my blog, and I simply must get myself one!

. . but a favicon of what? Darren suggested a photo of him. Hmmm.... maybe. Then he mentioned a pic of Otto. Well that sounded more like it! I did a quick study in Photoshop, working a cute photo of Otto down to the right file size, making the background black, and popping up the contrast. Voila! Perfect.

The only problem . . .it didn't work in my blog!  I double checked my file size, and re-saved it, but no luck. For whatever reason, I just couldn't get it to show up on the blog page.

I will have to look into this further. But for now, so that I don't feel all my favicon work was in vain, I present to you the Otto favicon (slightly enlarged for your viewing pleasure):

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