Monday, August 8, 2011

Project 333, Phase 1: Winding Down

As I am turning the final corner of my Project 333, Phase 1, I am thinking a lot about not only how I dress, but also about how other people dress.

Throughout the project, when educating someone about what exactly I was doing and why, their reaction would go one of two ways; they were either very uneasy about the whole idea, convinced that they themselves "could NEVER do that!", or they would calmly shrug their shoulders and tell me that they are probably doing it already.


When I first heard about the project from my friend, Beverly, my reaction was quite inline with the former. And just like many of the people I've been talking to recently, after a huge gasp for air trying to digest the gist of this project, I began counting and calculating the pieces of my wardrobe, until I was convinced without certainty, that this just was not for me.

Well, as it turns out, it was for me.

I still have a couple days left in my Phase 1, but I have been doing a lot of retrospective thinking. For me, I have viewed this project almost as a personal rehabilitation. And I do believe I have been reformed! With absolute confidence, I can say that I will not go back to a cluttered and excessive wardrobe. The idea sickens me.

But, what I am most interested in right now, is those people that don't need a Project 333. You know...the calm ones that are "already doing it". I am amazed and somewhat envious of what I assume is their natural born ability to dress simply. I mean, how did they avoid getting sucked into the materialistic vortex of our society? Luckies! I am rehabilitating myself, so I will always be consciously striving and working toward this goal. It will be a lifelong effort, dare I say?

I am happy to report that I am off to a good start. Last week, the J.Crew Fall catalogue arrived in our mailbox. Not even cracked open, it landed squarely in the recycling bin. So I must admit that I have no idea what goodies are coming down the pike from them this Fall, and I probably won't find out. You see, if I don't need anything, I don't pop into their store anymore. And guess what? I can finally see that I don't need anything.

I have more thoughts on the Project as it is wrapping up for me, so stay tuned. But for now, I just wanted to acknowledge those out there that are naturally able to manage their wardrobe with grace and simplicity.

Hats off to you.

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  1. P333 changed my life, for sure!

    I have one friend who scoffed at my doing the project saying she didn't even have 33 items of clothing...but then she counted and was shocked by what she had in her closet. I love the ripple effect of this project so much!!